Apr 18
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Funky fresh. #volks #dollfiedreams #bjd

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Apr 17
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Too sleepy to paint more. :,3 I’ll pick up again tomorrow. #bjd #dollfiedreams #volks

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Apr 17
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Language Immersion for Chrome Teaches You a New Language While You Browse the Web →

I’m using this to brush up on Chinese. It’s pretty nice.

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Apr 17
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Her name is Coconut and she is a tiny kitten. I’m babysitting her for my sister.

this hair color was so cuuuute— kind of want to go back to it :,3

Apr 17
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Any input on coloring naturally black hair? :) I kind of want to play around with some colors, but the last time I colored my hair it became suuuuper frizzy afterwards. I had to cut it all off after a few months of struggling with it. uwu;;;

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Apr 16
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whoa gabe made a cup right in front of me

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Apr 16
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Boss:I don't want this on my desk. (Places McDonald's Happy Meal Rarity figure back on my desk.)
Me:You don't like ponies?
Boss:No. Why'd you buy it?
Me:It came with my Happy Meal.
Boss:Why'd you buy a Happy Meal?
Me:It came with a pony.
Apr 15
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Yours to cut out and keep →

Dr Prakash sees the Foldscope’s main use as a diagnostic tool for tropical diseases. Malaria, for example, can be caused by several species of parasite. Knowing which is responsible in a particular case can affect the treatment chosen. Foldscopes should also help diagnose other widespread diseases, such as schistosomiasis, loiasis and sleeping sickness.

He hopes, too, that they will help enthuse the next generation of doctors and scientists. To this end he and his team have drummed up more than 10,000 people from 130 countries to devise simple, relevant microscopy-based experiments. A Mongolian farmer, for instance, wants to show his fellows why they should boil milk to make it safer. An American beekeeper proposes to use Foldscopes to show his fellow apiculturalists how to identify bee-killing mites and fungi. And a 12-year-old Qatari would like to study the Namib desert beetle, which scavenges drinking water from morning fogs. The results, when published on the web, will become part of a manual of microscopy for everyman (and woman) that Dr Prakash hopes will encourage yet more experimentation.

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Apr 15
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Look at how fat this stack of stuff that I need to red line is.

Apr 15
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"What Do I Sound Like?"

Send me a voice sample and I’ll draw what your voice sounds like to me. (Upload it onto Tumblr as an audio file or IDK however you manage to do it to get the link to me somehow as an ask or a fanmail message.)

This is going to be comical, so there’s a high chance that I’ll draw you as a space manatee in a suit if your voice recording sounds garbled, far away, yet profoundly professional.

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Apr 14
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four miles in an hour— i got slower uwu;;;

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Apr 14
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Flight Rising →



Registration opens up for one day starting Monday! :> I play Flight Rising daily— it’s a lot of fun.

Reminder that registration is open now. :D

Oh I forgot to mention, but here’s my account if you want to be friends:
I just kind of… quietly breed dragons by myself, haha, but I enjoy looking at the activity feeds of my friends. uwu <3

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Apr 14
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Fear and Loathing in Public Bathrooms, Or How I Learned to Hold My Pee →

It starts very early. I know a little girl, the daughter of a friend, who is a self-identified tomboy. Cowboy boots and caterpillar yellow toy trucks. One time I asked her what her favourite colour was and she told me camouflage. She came home last October in tears from her half-day at preschool with soggy pants because the other kids were harassing her when she used the girls’ room at school and the teacher had instructed her to stay out of the boys’ room. She had drunk two glasses of juice at the Halloween party and couldn’t hold her pee any longer. She and her peers were four years old, they knew she was a girl, yet already they felt empowered enough in their own bigotries to police her use of the so-called public washrooms. I find it extremely hard to believe that these children were motivated by fear of another little girl. She was four years old and had already learned the brutal lesson that there was no bathroom door with a sign on it that welcomed people who looked like her. She had already been taught that bathrooms were a problem, and that problem started with her, and was hers alone.

Apr 13
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Twisted ball of a kitty. #americancurl #teamcaleb

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Apr 12
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New Mario Kart arcade game!